Date: 2013-11-22 02:09 am (UTC)
But here's the real deal: the actual culprit/catalyst in her death is not HR. It's Finch.

Oh, fascinating theory. I dont' know if I agree but I like parts of it. After the victims of the shooting, I felt awful for Finch who ultimately isn't built for the sort of work Reese, Carter and Shaw do (and to some extent Fusco too). He's this war's Oppenheimer - built something that became so much more than he could control.

I didn't think the Machine gave you a number on that fast of a turnaround, but this could be the New Machine, Root's Machine, making the call.

I thought they got one number (or series of interrelated numbers) per day. Reese was the prior day's number. Carter was that day's number

Which could also be why Root appears to be part of the Scooby Gang in the previews.

Or with an injured and perhaps unhinged Reese, she may be the fill in muscle.

Shaw: I don't think I can be there for you now, Lionel.
Fusco: You did good.

That was a fabulous scene. Kevin Chapman won't get any notice from the people who hand out awards because the only CBS drama the awards people notice is on Sunday night but that was an amazing performance. From saying goodbye to his son to the absolute crazed look to Fusco as he killed his tormentor - just great.

John kissed Joss was because he honestly thought he was about to die. If his number hadn't been up, he wouldn't have done it, and he would have stuck to surreptitious beers and cute fist bumps.

In an interview, the executive producers said they shot that scene a number of times and the kiss wasn't in the script and wasn't in all the shots. It just came out of what they were doing organically and it made it into the program.

I miss Carter already

I do too. She was a unique character on TV - single mom, detective, former soldier who was smart, tough confident and a good person. She had her problems but she didn't let them define her. In some ways, she was the most normal one in the group.

Take Care
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